Trees Blocking Television Signals – How To Solve It

Trees Blocking Television Signals - How To Solve It

Trees Blocking Television Signals – How To Solve It

Environmentalists and tree lovers strive to conserve the environment by limiting activities that endanger every plant. Tree planting is integral to environmental conservation and beautification, which improves aesthetic appeal around properties. However, you may need to cut or prune a tree that blocks your TV signals. This post highlights solutions when it is Trees Blocking Television Signals – How to Solve it.

Install the Satellite Dish on the Highest Point of the Roof

Assess your area for possible signal blockage before identifying the point to mount the satellite plate. Work with experienced installation specialists to avoid the risk of climbing on roofs and identify the highest spot with strong signal. Examine the possibility of trees growing in winter and fall to avoid future signal blockage.

Mount the Satellite Dish on a Pole

Request your satellite dish provider to install the dish on a strong steel pole and fit it on a concrete base away from trees. The beauty of such a pole is the ability to move it until you identify a site in your garden or landscape with strong TV signal. Try to work with service providers who offer such custom services to avoid inconveniences and faulty installation.

Tree Pruning Services

It is imperative to a contact professional arborist to prune the plats blocking the TV signal. Reducing branches and canopy may be all you require to watch your TV comfortably. However, pruning may be challenging for species with tree preservation orders prohibiting cutting or trimming. Also, the signal blockage may result from your neighbors who may not be willing to work on their plants. Explore other viable options when you face such challenges.

Tree Removal

Tree cutting should be the last resort in your attempt to stabilize the TV signals. When cutting trees, it is essential to ensure the safety of properties and the people around them. Ensure you work with reliable tree removal experts to help acquire the permits you may need to remove the tree. You also need a satellite aerial installer to advise you if you need to cut down the entire tree or specific branches blocking the signal.

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