Best Boxsets To Watch In The UK

Best Boxsets To Watch In The UK

Best Boxsets To Watch In The UK

One of the ways to keep yourself entertained is by viewing series or binge watching your favourite shows. You can view top shows on TV or online or buy some DVDs. Here are the best boxsets to watch in the UK.

Game of Thrones

Yes, the filming may be over, but that doesn’t mean that this show has lost its appeal. The show has 73 episodes packed up into 8 seasons. If you haven’t watched this series before, you can now catch up on all the episodes without having to wait for months or years for the next season.


This twisted and fantastic show is about a blood splatter who kills other murderers in a bid to serve justice according to his code. This is a must-watch 8-part series of a police analyst by day and killer by night character.

Orange is the New Black

Now is the perfect time to recap this series that first aired in 2013. This comedy-drama focuses on the life of Piper, who is imprisoned for 15 months for a money laundering crime she committed 10 years ago. The story is set in prison, where life is different from the outside.

Breaking Bad

If you missed the original airing of Breaking Bad, now is the time to catch up. This is the story of a high school teacher, Walter White, who is diagnosed with lung cancer. He starts making crystal meth to repay his medical debts. Things quickly get out of hand when he partners with Jesse and his business grows into an empire. The compelling storyline makes this one of the best ever TV shows.

The Sopranos

This is a crime drama that revolves around Italian American Mafia boss Tony Soprano, his family and colleagues. With 5 Golden Globe Awards and 21 Prime Time Emmy Awards, the show, which has 6 seasons, is one of the best TV shows.

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