Do People In The UK Still Watch Live TV

Do People In The UK Still Watch Live TV

Do People In The UK Still Watch Live TV

Live television means viewing a program as it is being broadcast on television or online. There are currently so many ways of getting entertained and viewing television. It is also possible to record shows, so that you can watch them later. This can therefore leave one wondering, do people in the UK still watch live tv?

These days, when someone knows that they will not be able to watch a show when it’s airing on television, they record it, so that they can view it later. In addition, they might decide to catch up with it online. However, the most popular way of viewing programs still remains viewing shows on a television set.

According to research that was done by Ofcom Media Nations, on average, viewers spend at least 3 hours and 12 minutes checking telly everyday. This is 11 minutes less than the time viewers spent seeing telly in 2017.

On the other hand, the amount of time spent on streaming services increased to 26 minutes on average, on a daily basis. Most viewers signed up to more than one streaming service. Also, the number of viewers checking on demand programming on social media platforms went up by 8%. Even though a lot of viewing is being done from smartphone devices, majority of the viewing is through traditional television sets.

At least two in five adults in the United Kingdom consider online streaming to be their main way of viewing films and television. 80% of viewing time is live, with 12% viewing time being recorded.

The way viewers see telly has changed over the years. Streaming services have grown in popularity to reach at least half the homes in the region. But traditional telly broadcasters are still popular as they have a following. Most of the viewing time is live, as most people regard telly as being an important way of filling up their downtime.

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