Find The Best Location For A TV Aerial

Find The Best Location For A TV Aerial

Find The Best Location For A TV Aerial

The excellence of your signal reception is largely dependent on where you place your antenna. There are so many places where you can place antennas based on your specific circumstances and where you live. You might have to experiment on a few places before you find the perfect location. Here are some tips to help you find the best location for a TV aerial.

The higher you place the antenna, the better. This increases the chances that you will get the best signal. If you are placing the antenna outdoors, think about placing it in top of your roof. You can also try putting it on top of your garage. Test different spots on the roof and see what works.

If you are using an indoor antenna, the same rule also applies. Try and place it on the highest possible position in the house. This can be up in the attic. You can also place it on one of your windows on the upper floors, if you live in a storied building. Even if your television is placed in the basement, having your antenna down there is not the most ideal solution. Find somewhere high to place it.

Check the direction where the antenna is pointing. For most antennas to work well, it is advisable that they face the source of the signal. So, ask your local service provider which direction their towers are located. This will help you know where your aerial should face. If you have no way of knowing where the broadcast channels are placed, you can try turning the antenna in different directions until you find a good position that works.

Try and ensure that there are no obstructions on the path of the antenna. That is why placing the antenna as close to the window is advisable. Any solid signals between the antenna and broadcast tower will impact the quality of the signals, so try and place the aerial away from any obstructions. Check around your house to see which area has the least obstructions on its path and place your antenna there.

Avoid placing the antenna anywhere near metals. Metallic objects can interfere with the quality of the signal. For instance, if your roof is metallic, then having your antenna out there might not be the ideal solution. It would also not be advisable to mount your antenna near a window which has metallic grills.

Try and find the shortest distance between the television and where you mount the antenna. This is because the longer the cable is, the higher the chances it will impact the quality of the signal and result in poor quality signals.

When setting up your antenna, make sure that you keep checking your television channels to see if they are functioning well. This requires that you have your antenna connected to your television. Also, make sure that you have tuned into the right channels that you are interested din watching. Once you find that sweet spot where the channels are clear, you can leave your antenna where it is.

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