Five Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your Television

Five Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Your Television

Five Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your Television

In the modern world, TV entertainment is more profound and broader than before. Currently, TVs come with free streaming avenues and offer hours of movies and shows with on-demand and linear programming. With a paid subscription, you have unlimited access to an expansive library with all types of entertainment and inspirational content. However, the current TV brands offer you a platform to enjoy a wide range of services that you may not realize without additional information. The rest of this post focuses on highlighting the top Five Things you didn’t know you could do with your television.

Make Video Calls

You can comfortably connect your smart TV with a USB webcam and video chat with people using your TV without fussing with the laptop. Luckily, current TV sets come with support for the best apps for video chats that incorporate simple calling controls that help you to forgo the use of a mouse and keyboard. Also, the simple video controls and interfaces included in TV voice command and remote controls, the video call service makes it convenient to chat with friends and family at the comfort of your couch.

Check Weather

Your smart TV can quickly help you check the weather updates using relevant apps such as google assistants. Suppose you are not a fan of checking the weather channels for updates from your TV. In that case, there are several other apps to check current weather conditions and the short-term forecast. These apps give you custom and local weather information with a comprehensive forecast for several days. You enjoy viewing clear weather updates on a large screen that has an attractive format.

Fitness Classes

Every smart TV has a wide range of fitness apps that provide wellness advice and streamed classes to boost your workouts. A simple search for fitness in the TV set will provide several workouts alternatives. Still, the specific features may differ based on your TV brand. Some models give you the option of connecting an artificial intelligence-driven webcam that can pause when you leave the room.


The smart TV in your room can help you maintain perfect mental health status. Switch to any streaming services and apps that offer guided meditation. You will bump on amazing apps by simply searching meditation in your TV app store and enjoy relaxing moments that calm your mind. Also, reputable technological and mental health firms have created excellent apps and programs that can help you in relaxation, sleep, and meditation. They create short episodes backed with scientific information to take you through exercises.

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