How Long Do TV Aerials Last?

How Long Do TV Aerials Last?

How Long Do TV Aerials Last?

Television is part of the lives of many people. Most people watch television daily for news updates and to follow on their favorite programs. The best watching experience can be ensured with the installation of an antenna. But, how long do TV aerials last?

Professionally installed antennae can survive for over ten years. Where an expert has fixed the gadget, the fixings and cable will not fail quickly, prolonging its lifespan.

The good thing about hiring a professional is getting a warranty certificate. This way, you will be assured of excellent services from your antennae for a certain period. A longer warranty might cost you more, but exceptional services will be assured.

The lifespan will be shortened when you purchase a cheap device or engage in DIY installation. The chances of the installation falling down within a short while are high.

A high-quality antenna will save you lots of money. It is important to install equipment that will survive the interference from strong winds. Low-quality devices are likely to bend during gales, leaving you disappointed.

In cases of violent electrical storms, aerials can be damaged. It is difficult for antennas to survive lightning strikes and will most times be damaged completely, requiring a replacement. The high voltage cooks the various components of an antennae beyond repair.

One way to prolong the life of your television antennae is by installing it in the loft area. In the loft space, antennas are protected from lightning as they enjoy the cover of the roof. However, the problem with using the loft is that it is not as raised as the chimney, thus causing signal issues.

The lifespan of an aerial depends on various factors, including the quality of the components and installation and weather conditions. It is best to acquire top-quality antennas and hire a professional to lengthen the lifespan of your antennae.

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