How Long Does A TV Aerial Last On Your Roof?

How Long Does A TV Aerial Last On Your Roof?

Even if you already have a satellite or cable television receiver in your home, installing an aerial will improve the reception, sound, and picture. With the proper installation and location, you can also expect to get reception for the max amount of channels, increasing the entertainment options you have. But before you go through with the purchase, you must ask how long does a TV aerial last, and what can you do to make it last longer?

In addition to getting more channels, your digital aerial should also help you get things like better high-definition reception, which means a clearer picture and more vivid color. You may also get on-screen menus which help you identify programs and what time they are on.

Going cheapest is not necessarily the best thing when it comes to aerials. If you have ever seen one on top of someone’s roof with rust or that is bent and obviously not working, most likely it was a cheap one that did not hold up. A really cheap one will generally last less than five years, depending on weather conditions. At that rate, it isn’t even worth repairing it, so you will end up having to replace it every few years.

There is the cost of replacing a poorly made aerial, but also the cost of having it installed. Since it usually has to go on the roof, this means using a ladder. If you are inexperienced with climbing ladders, you should not try to install it yourself. Not only is a professional safer, but it also means that they can find the perfect placement to get the best reception.

In fact, placement also has something to do with how long the antenna will last. If it is placed poorly, then it can fall off or break easier. This means a much faster replacement. If yours came with a warranty, you can try to file a claim, but if the breakage was due to poor placement, many warranties are void and therefore you will have to buy a new one outright.

A warranty gives you an excellent idea of how much time you can expect at a minimum from your new aerial. Cheap ones may not have a warranty at all, while really well-built ones may have a warranty of 15 years or more. If it breaks or stops working during that time, you get a free replacement under most circumstances. So always look for warranties and don’t buy without one.

While installation of these higher-quality models will cost you more, when you divide by the number of years it will last, then you are getting a much better return on your investment and a lower cost per year. That is why it is better to invest up front rather than year after year.

There is a wealth of aerials available on the market, and so it may be overwhelming to choose one. If this is the case, find a reputable installation expert, then ask them what they recommend. They are happy to see what your needs are and make a recommendation.

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