How To Wall Mount A Flat Screen TV

How To Wall Mount A Flat Screen TV

How To Wall Mount A Flat Screen TV

Mounting your newly bought TV on the wall is not a walk in the park like many would want to think. The weight and the size of the TV determine the height and the support needed to mount it safely on the wall. Regardless of the walling materials in the box, you must get kits that will anchor in the drywall, concrete, or wood studs well. Here are tips on how to wall mount a flat screen TV.

Unpack Your TV

On home arrival, unpack the TV and go through the manual to learn how everything is set up. Confirm that all the cables, literature materials, remote, mounting gadgets. While going through the manuals and assembling the mounting kits, use a protective wrapper around the television and keep it facing down on a blanket-covered hard surface.

Fix the Brackets

All televisions come with brackets that are attached at the back for mounting. Use the provided screws in fixing them and ensure they fit each hole. Avoid using screws that are too long or overtightening to prevent causing damage to the monitor.

Identify the Location

For an excellent television view, it is important to hang it slightly above your eye level. However, you cannot place it anywhere if the running cables will be too apparent to your visitors. Look for a position that will hide these cables and use cardboard to cut out the shape and size of your television. This way, you will easily mark the position using a pencil.

Attach Your Wall Mount

Within the marked outline on the wall, determine where you will fix the two studs. It is important to mark the outer and the center edge for each stud. But how will you ensure that the studs are aligned evenly? Make use of a level before drilling the holes and attaching the studs to ensure the television is straight.

Complete the Process

Slowly lift the television with a friend if it is heavier and fix the back mounting on walling studs. Once it is safely placed, start connecting the power cord and other cables using the provided manual. As such, your television will be ready for use and will not move.


As outlined above, installing your television may not be as hard as you thought. However, if you have no time and patience to see the process through, getting a professional installer for the job is essential.

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