What Is Sky Q Television?

What Is Sky Q Television?

Sky Q is a television service that offers various entertainment options based on subscription. It was launched in 2016 as a revamp of Sky+ as well as Sky+ HD. The product is popular since it is a multimedia platform that tries to merge conventional TV with various features together with on-demand services. What is Sky Q Television? Well, it is a TV subscription service that includes a multi-room set-top box, broadband-connected hub, PVR set-top box, and various applications for your mobile and desktop gadgets.

When you wish to subscribe to Sky TV, then this is the main product that will be offered to you as a newcomer. Those that are enjoying Sky+ options can upgrade to this service at a reduced price. The firm is trying to ensure that all its users are using the amazing Sky Q since you do not require a satellite dish to enjoy the services.

The reason why you need to go for this product is that it is a family of various devices. It offers unique features and entertainment but still upholds the expectation of all customers. There are two main types of these devices that are currently in the market. They include 2TB and 1TB Sky Q boxes.

The 2TB Sky box was the initial brains behind this product, and it was meant to sit in the living room. This was pretty much like a lesser-specification of the Sky+ HD box. They came up with a second box, the 1TB sky box, that lacks some features that are available in the other option. It also has a smaller hard disk. It is the best alternative for customers that do not want to strain their pockets.

Previously, you would need a satellite dish so that you can connect the set-top box for it to function. The company, however, announced that they would be launching new gadgets that would work over broadband internet. They also availed a Sky-Q App that will be on smart TVs as well as third party set-top boxes.

The company has set up an initiative to consider those customers that do not have a satellite dish installed. The good thing about the new versions of boxes is that they are slim compared to the previous Sky boxes. The new features that the Sky-Q 2TB promises to provide includes 12 tuners. Users can record six channels while watching the seventh one.

You will be able to watch different channels on two tablets; it also allows and supports two mini boxes that you will be able to watch programs concurrently. The box has a hard drive that can store 350 hours of recordings. It supports 4K Ultra HD that will enable you to enjoy TV content with that resolution.

The 1TB sky box, on the other hand, can store 150 hours of recordings. It has TV tuners and allows one tablet and one mini box for simultaneous viewing. It does not support 4K Ultra HD as it is a full HD 1080p. The good thing about the boxes is that new features are being added regularly.

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